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Whether it’s a simple YouTube video, a quick television commercial, or a full-fledged ad campaign,
VTX1 Productions puts the creative power of an entire production company in your hands.

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With a fully-functional television studio, a mobile production trailer, and an experienced and talented crew, VTX1 Productions will take you from the planning stages of pre-production, through on-location and in-studio production, all the way to the post-production process. We’ll make sure that the final product looks and sounds the way it did when you dreamed it up.

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All the creative work, logistical planning, and technical preparation that happen before we start filming is known as pre-production.
Here are some of the pre-production services we offer:


Every video starts with the script — it’s the blueprint for the entire production. The script tells us who we’ll need in front of the camera, how many crew members we’ll need behind the camera, where and when we’ll be filming, and it gives us a basis for formulating costs. In post-production, the script sets the tone for the editors and graphic designers.


Some productions benefit from being able to see how shots will be composed before the cameras start recording. Storyboards are hand-drawn or computer-generated mockups that provide a way to help visualize how the end product will appear.


So, you’ve got a script. How do you get it from the page to the screen? VTX1 Productions can go over your script word by word and determine what talent, props, crew, equipment, and locations will be needed for the production. From there, we can create a production schedule, get the proper clearances, and finalize a budget.


Which actors are available on which days? When is the best time to film a certain business without getting in the way of their day-to-day business? These questions are answered during the scheduling phase. By creating a professional production calendar, we can bring together the people, places and times needed to make your production a reality.


Once the lights are set up, the microphone levels are checked, and the cameras start rolling, production begins.


In the studio or on location, our crew is ready to provide any or all of the following services:


Our videographers know how to handle studio cameras, DSLRs, GoPros, drones, and more. On a tripod, handheld, with a dolly or crane, we can get the shot you need, with your cameras or our own!


Lights do more than determine what you can and can’t see. They also set the mood, add texture, and bring depth to your picture. The flick of a switch can make the difference between a romantic comedy and a horror movie. Let our lighting crew


Nothing is more disappointing than a beautiful film with horrible sound. Very often, sound production is overlooked. We make sure that the sound we record is clean and at level, so that the audience can enjoy every single word clearly.

Live Switching

Maybe it’s a football game, a fishing tournament, or a fashion show. Sometimes you need a production cut live, as it’s happening. We offer a generator-powered production trailer equipped with a switcher that can handle up to six cameras. If that’s a bit much, we’ve also got directors who can handle the switching for you!


Sometimes you just need a crew to run cable, place the cameras on the tripods, check the audio, and hang the lights. We’ve got years of experience doing that, and so much more! Our crew will get your set ready to go in a timely and professional manner.


Once the cameras have been put away and the actors have gone home, it’s time for post-production to begin. Editing, graphics, computer generated imagery, and delivery to final media happen here.

  • Editing
  • Graphics and Special Effects
  • Audio Mixing
  • Cleanup
  • Color Correction
  • Mastering
  • Media Management


  • From the latest in HD Video Cameras
  • SLRs, Phantom drone, GoPro
  • Dollies and sliders, tripods and jibs
  • Lights, mics, audio recorders and cables
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Air conditioned, 6-camera switcher, ready to go wherever you need. Gasoline-powered generator for maximum mobility.


Cameramen, editors, graphic designers, on-site troubleshooters

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  • Green Screen
  • Lighting Grid
  • Studio Cameras
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Here are some of the web services we offer:

  • Website design and management
  • Website overhaul and repair
  • Add a shopping cart with a fully-automated management system
  • Register a domain
  • Find a hosting company

Social Media Management

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Video Upload
  • Promotional Video

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Need permission to film on someone’s property? Need permission to film someone? How about using that favorite song of yours to set the tone? Sometimes getting clearance is as easy as getting a signature on a piece of paper. Other times, it takes research and phone calls and real effort to make sure that you’re properly covered. It can be a bit much, but our team offers years of experience dealing with these matters.
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